The Best Ways To Heal Your Heart After A Break-Up

Break-ups are hard, especially when they involve a significant other. But the pain doesn’t have to last forever. Here are some ways to heal your broken heart and start dating again when you’re ready.

6 Ways to Heal Your Broken Heart
Healing after a break-up takes time and effort.
Building a support system and finding strength in community can make a big difference.
Letting go of the past is essential to moving on.
Finding meaning in life after a loss is possible.
Self-care, self-love, and self-trust are important in the healing process.

Don’t Lose Hope

After going through a break-up, it’s easy to lose hope in love. Maybe you’ve been hurt before and don’t think that you can get past your heartbreak again. 

But keep this in mind: the only time we fail at finding love is if we choose not to try anymore. If you have ever loved someone before and then lost them, it’s not because they were unworthy of your feelings or because they weren’t suitable for you it’s just that things didn’t work out. 

It doesn’t mean that there isn’t another person out there who will make an even better match than the last one did!

Many people also give up on their goals or dreams during times like these because they feel too discouraged by life circumstances to pursue them anymore. 

However, if something is truly important enough for us then we must always strive toward achieving our goals no matter how hard the journey may be (and trust me when I say that many worthwhile things are worth fighting for).

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Learn To Value Yourself First

One of the most important things for you to do is learn how to value yourself. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself, so it may be time to start taking care of yourself in new ways.

When a relationship ends, we often look outside ourselves for comfort and validation instead of focusing on our own well-being first. 

We compare ourselves with others around us and try to find happiness through external sources like material possessions or people who might not even be right for us.

Instead, take some time now and ask yourself what you want in life and how your partner played into that vision and then ask why they didn’t end up fitting your needs as well as you’d hoped (or at all). 

If there were things about the relationship that didn’t work out for either party involved, consider them carefully before making any decisions about whether or not it was worth staying together in the first place.

Practice self-careBoosts self-esteem and helps you feel better physically and emotionally
Write down your goalsHelps you focus on yourself and what you want, rather than the past relationship
Focus on your strengthsHelps you feel more confident and empowered, and keeps you from dwelling on any shortcomings during the relationship

Don’t Overanalyze Things

This one is really common, and it’s probably the most damaging thing you can do to yourself. When you’re going through a break-up, it’s easy to think back on every interaction you had with your ex. 

You might be tempted to think about what you could have done differently and blame yourself for the break-up. 

You may find yourself thinking about him or her all of the time it’s normal, especially if they were a big part of your life or if your relationship was long-term.

But focusing on these things will only keep hurting you, because those thoughts will keep bringing up pain from the past instead of helping move forward into healing. 

It doesn’t help anyone when someone who goes through a breakup keeps obsessing over their ex and what went wrong in their relationship; this just makes them feel worse about themselves and makes them stay stuck in negative emotions instead of moving forward with new experiences that could ultimately make them happier!

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Keep The Positivity In Your Life

After a relationship ends, it can be easy to focus on the negative and forget about all of the positive things in your life. 

You may be struggling financially or need help with childcare, but these are not permanent issues. The most important thing for you to do is keep the positivity in your life. There are many ways that this can be done:

  • Make a list of things that you are grateful for. It could be anything from being able-bodied to having a roof over your head! These small things will remind you how lucky you are even if it feels like everything else is falling apart around you.
  • Avoid negative people and situations as much as possible during this period of time. This will help keep the negativity away from yourself so that it doesn’t affect how optimistic and hopeful about life you become again someday soon!

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Learn To Forgive, And Move On

When you’re struggling to forgive and move on after a breakup, it helps to remember that forgiveness is not something you do for the other person. It’s actually a gift that you give yourself.

This may seem counterintuitive because the hurt caused by the breakup is so strong, but when we hold onto feelings of anger and resentment towards someone who has wronged us, we’re only hurting ourselves more in the long run. 

Holding onto those negative emotions will prevent us from moving forward in our lives and finding new happiness; it can make it even harder to trust people in intimate relationships because they remember how badly they were treated during their last one. 

By forgiving them (and yourself), however, you are letting go of that pain so that you can heal faster and begin building healthy new relationships with people who treat love better than the ex did

Allow yourself to feelPermits you to process the relationship’s end, instead of bottling up your emotions
Practice empathyEnables you to understand your ex-partner and yourself better, leading to better communication in future relationships
Focus on the lessons learnedHelps you get closure from the relationship and grow from the experience

Enjoy Yourself!

When you’re feeling down, you may not feel like doing much of anything. You might want to spend all day lying on the couch watching Netflix or reading a book. 

But it’s okay to have fun and enjoy yourself! Don’t be afraid to go out and have fun with your friends, try new things and do new hobbies, even if they aren’t related to your normal routine. If you like hiking but never tried it before, go hiking! 

Or if you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint but never took the time for it, consider signing up for a painting class at an art school near you.

Taking some time off from your normal routine can help refresh your mind and give it some peace from all those bad memories associated with being single. 

Plus these activities can be great date ideas in case someone wants someone else’s company when going out alone isn’t their thing anymore (which is perfectly fine). Just remember: if something doesn’t feel right about trying something new in this situation then don’t force yourself into doing so!

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Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

The best way to heal your heart after a break-up is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure you’re eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. You might also consider increasing your water intake because dehydration can lead to fatigue and exhaustion – both of which are common symptoms of depression. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping or staying hydrated, try taking an Epsom salt bath or drinking warm lemon water when you wake up in the morning (you can find recipes online). 

You may want to consider adding some self care into your routines as well – a walk around the block in nature could do wonders for improving your mood!

Find New Interests

As you are healing, you will likely feel an urge to fill the time that is otherwise spent by your ex. You may find yourself looking for ways to fulfill this need, and this can be extremely unhealthy. Instead, it’s important to shift your focus towards new interests that will help keep your mind off of them.

Try a new sport or hobby. This can be something as simple as learning how to play chess or taking up knitting; the most important thing is that it gives you something else to do with your free time besides thinking about how much they hurt you.

Sign up for classes at a local college or art school. Learning something new helps expand our minds and opens us up to different points of view and having some extra knowledge in one’s back pocket never hurts if they reappear in your life later on!

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Do Things For Yourself

One of the best ways to begin your healing process is by doing things for yourself. It’s easy to get lost in self-pity after a break-up, but it’s important not to do so. 

In fact, there are many simple things that you can do that will help you get out of this rut and start feeling better about yourself.

  • Do things you like to do
  • Do things you have never done before
  • Do things that will make you happy (or at least make your day go by faster)
  • Do things that will make you feel good about yourself
Pursue hobbies or interestsEncourage personal growth and independence, and provides a new source of happiness
Spend time with friends and familyProvides emotional support, encouragement, and can boost your mood
Travel or take a vacationAllows you to experience new things and gain a fresh, new perspective on life

Don’t Compete With Your Exes New Partner

You can’t compete with anyone else. You’re not competing for a spot on the Olympic team or a job promotion, so stop it. You need to focus on yourself and your own future, because there’s no guarantee that you and your ex will get back together. 

If you want them back in your life, then work on becoming a better person than they are right now — not by competing with their new partner but by working hard at making yourself happier and healthier.

You Will Get Through This

  • You will get through this.
  • You will be okay.
  • You will find love again.
  • And be happy again.
  • And trust again, too!

Blind Dates Are Not The Answer

Blind dates are a bad idea. You don’t know the person, so you can’t get to know them. The only thing you have in common is that you both want to date other people.

If you don’t see the person’s profile, then how do you know what they look like? If they say they’re tall and handsome but they turn out to be short and ugly? 

What if they say they’re fun-loving but actually boring? A blind date is like going on a blind date with a stranger except it’s worse because at least with an internet relationship, there is a chance of meeting someone who lives nearby and going out for coffee or something instead of just sitting on opposite ends of the table while making awkward conversation with each other over dinner.

The best way to find love after heartbreak is… no! Not dating apps either! If there was ever anything more desperate than lying in bed scrolling through Tinder profiles of people who live thousands of miles away from where I am right now (and yes there are), 

I’d like for someone please tell me what it might be because I’m not sure if I want to know any more about dating after being single for so long now (which again isn’t really fair since both my parents were divorced when we were kids).

Try Meditation or Yoga To Help You Relax

You could try meditating or doing yoga. These exercises have been shown to have benefits for the mind, body and mood. They can help you relax, let go of negative emotions and feel more in control of your life.

You could also practice mindfulness meditation. This involves focusing on the present moment without judgment or criticism. 

If you do this regularly, it will help you become more confident in yourself, which will make you feel better about yourself and give you a clearer idea of what type of person would be right for you (and vice versa).

Give Yourself Time To Heal Then Start Dating Again When You’re Ready!

  • Give yourself time to heal.
  • Don’t rush into dating again.
  • Take your time and be prepared for the next relationship, whether it’s with the same person or someone else!
  • Be prepared for the next break up too!


The good news is that you can heal your heart, and then you can date again. The bad news is that it will take time—but you’ll get there!

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How long does it take to heal a broken heart?

It’s different for everyone, but healing a broken heart can take time. It can take weeks, months, or even years to fully recover from a break-up. However, taking care of yourself, surrounding yourself with support, and practicing self-love can help speed up the healing process.

How can I stop thinking about my ex after a break-up?

It can be difficult to stop thinking about an ex after a break-up, but there are things you can do to help. You can focus on self-care, engage in activities that bring you joy, spend time with friends and family, and consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor.

Is it normal to still love your ex after a break-up?

It’s normal to have lingering feelings for an ex after a break-up, especially if the relationship was significant. However, it’s important to acknowledge and accept the end of the relationship and work towards moving on and finding new love and happiness.

How do I know if I’m ready to start dating again after a break-up?

Everyone heals at their own pace, but a good indication that you’re ready to start dating again is when you feel emotionally and mentally ready to invest in a new relationship. You should feel a sense of excitement and openness towards new opportunities and not feel burdened by the baggage of past relationships.

How can I trust again after a break-up?

Trust can be difficult to rebuild after a break-up, but it’s possible with time and effort. Building trust starts with building self-trust, so it’s important to focus on taking care of yourself and your needs first. Engage in open and honest communication with new partners and take things slow to build a foundation of trust.